Ninja #7 – It’s a Girl!

Kelly is the only female so far in the husbands army of ninja’s, but she is a mighty warrior and will fight side by side with the rest of the army.

Kelly is a mixture of Roja and Hawk’s patterns. I used the body and head from Roja and the arms and legs from Hawk. I used a size G hook to crochet Kelly.  Kelly’s parts crocheted up easily on one our trips to California. Plus, she stitched together quite quickly. I must be getting better at this whole stitching together thing. Hopefully, I did not just jinx myself.

Kelly’s braids are what took some thought. First I had to decided where to place them. I was going to put them high on her head like pig tails, but then decided on low like they had slipped out of her hood. To make the braids, I took 6  long strands of yarn and pulled them behind several stitches, leave a good length on each side. I then braided each side of the six strands and tied them with cute little bows. I think the braids are adorable and were easy to make. The finishing touch for Kelly is her knives which the husband helped me design and make.

Ninja #8 and #9 are already under construction. Soon, the army will be complete.

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