Archive | October 7, 2010

When Will It End

…sighs the husband as we walk into yet another fabric store in Tempe, AZ. We attended the Arizona Fall Frenzy Concert in Tempe, which,  by the way,  was awesome, and I got a chance to finally see DEVO in concert. While there, I checked out the listing in the local phone book and found SAS Fabric by the pound just down the road from our hotel and so off we went!

SAS Fabric is a small store but loaded with great deals. In the past I have found that buying fabric by the pound is usually more expensive than buying by the yard. Even though SAS Fabric sold a lot of fabric by the pound, they also sold a lot by the yard and had tons of notions, trims, and buttons all at super prices. I did not buy much as I am already overstocked but I did have to buy some. I bought several yards of Halloween fabric for $1 a yard, and knit piece for me a shirt. I also bought some trim and a bag of buttons for $0.99. The husband helped me pick through the buttons, so I got the correct number and style of buttons to use on several shirts

My list of awesome fabric stores to shop at has increased greatly over the last several months and now stretches from coast to coast.