Archive | October 13, 2010

Ninja #8 & #9 – The Twins

Despite their background, the royal twins, Keen and Kato, are a fighting duo and are a fine addition to the husbands army.

Keen and Kato’s pattern is the same as Hawk’s which is the teddy bear pattern from the book Amigurumi World by Ana Paula Rimoli. I have crocheted this pattern a number of times now so it has become quite easy. I did deviate from the pattern in one spot. Instead of closing up the head and making it a round ball and attaching it to the body, I stopped crocheting the head at the row with the same number as the top of the body. This is where Roja’s pattern said to stop, and I found that it made attaching the head and body together much easier. The stitches match up for stitching together. On the first twin, I stopped after crocheting the first row of 18. When I stitched the body together I noticed that there was not a good neck line. On the second twin, I stopped at the next row so there were two rows of 18 at the bottom of the head. I liked the look of the added row and the more defined neck line. Looking at Hawk and the second twin, you would not know the difference in the construction, so since not making the head a ball made the construction easier, I will stop crocheting at the matched numbers from now on if possible.

When I opened my bag of stuffing to stuff the twins, I noticed a large wooden dowel that looked like a chop stick poking out of the stuffing. The packaging claimed it was a tool for stuffing, so I thought I would give it a try. On the first twin, I used the tool to help push the stuffing into the arms and legs. It was very helpful. I stuffed the body and head without the use of the tool. When I got done stitching the head and the body together, I was wishing I had put a little more stuffing in. On the second twin, I tried using the tool to poke down the stuffing in both the body and the head even though my fingers are small enough to get in the hole. It seemed that the tool packed the stuffing down better than my fingers. When I stitched the head and body together, I got the results I was looking for. It definitely did not need anymore stuffing. Unfortunately, due to the better stuffing job and the extra row in the neck, the second twin is slightly larger than the first. So, he is now the first twin, Keen, and the other smaller twin is the second, Kato. I wanted to call them brothers instead of twins, but the husband said no that they are twins despite the difference in their size. Like most twins they have slight differences in their looks that most people wouldn’t notice on first glance.

I also stuffed the twin’s arms a little different. I did not stuff the arms clear to the top. Instead I left about one row of crocheting unstuffed and stitched the arms closed. Then I stitched the arms to the body. This way the arm lay down more. I like the arms down more against the body, instead of standing straight out,  but I don’t like the look as much where the arm is stitched to the body. So, the results are just so so in the case of the differing arms.

Ninja #10 is in process. Soon the husband’s ninja army will be complete. Then what should I crochet next? Maybe that long lost afghan that has been roaming like lost buffalo somewhere in my yarn pile…