Archive | October 19, 2010

More Fun With Indy Designs

After finishing the shirt for the nephew and the bag for the brother, the husband noticed that he did not have anything with an Indy design on it. So, my next project was a new shirt for the husband with an Indy design on it. I picked some $1/yd fabric I had just got at M&L fabric. I had not tucked it into the stash yet so it was an easy pick. I had planned to use one of the stitched samples and do the fraying, but the husband decided he would rather have the design stitched right to the shirt.

The construction of the shirt went well and the design stitched out beautifully.  I had a little issue with the tips of the collar. I did not stitch as close to the point as I should have but did not notice until I had the collar completely sewn onto  the shirt. Not wanting to unpick every thing, I cheated and used a little clear finger nail polish to seal the points of the collar. So far it has held up well.

The husband had the chance to wear the shirt last weekend and it passed the wear test. Generally the husband is not that fond of brighter colors, so I was concerned about the gold fabric, but I noticed that the color did not stand out. I liked the looks of both the color and the shirt’s fit on him.

I have enjoyed making things with Indy designs on them, but I can not decide if I want a shirt with an Indy design on it for myself. What do you think?