Archive | October 28, 2010

Ninja #10 – They Call Me Bruce

As his namesake ninja, Bruce is the greatest ninja of the husband’s army. He is ready for the fight, to defend honor and defeat his enemies.

Bruce is made from the same pattern as several of the other ninjas, Keen, Kato, and Hawk. To change the pattern just a little, I used an H size hook to crochet Bruce. I don’t think it made much difference though. I was expecting Bruce to be larger than Keen but he is really about the same size. One thing though about using the larger hook was that the ring of 8 for the arms and legs made a larger hole at the end so there was some extra work involved in covering up the hole. I used the stuffing tool to stuff Bruce, and I am still pleased with the results.

Bruce’s weapon is fashioned after the knife on a chain weapon used in the recent movie, Ninja Assassins, a movie for the strong of heart and stomach. It is the second time I have had one of the ninja hold their weapon in their hand. Tiny Bear is holding his star. Thanks goes to the husband for the making of the knives like Kelly’s.

As I put the finishing touches on Bruce, I started to think about what to do different on the next ninja only to remember that Bruce is the last of the army. This made me just a little sad. When the husband asked for 10 ninja, I didn’t think I would complete that many before I got bored and moved onto something else, but I have really enjoyed crocheting the ninja’s and I  learned many things from their construction. I think I will console myself by crocheting a teddy bear, or a new doggie, or maybe a penguin or the cutest giraffe ever.