I Had No Choice

img_3829After finishing the stand collar, sewing on the sleeves, and stitching up the side seams, it was time to pick an embroidery design to put on my shirt. I looked through all my designs, but did not really find a design I wanted for this shirt. But, as I held the sample patch I had stitched of the design of Mickey Mouse as Indiana Jones against the shirt, I knew that was the embroidery design for this shirt.

But, I img_3830still had not made my mind up yet if I wanted a shirt with an Indy design on it. I looked through my designs again, but still did not find a better design for this shirt..

Now, don’t get me wrong, I like Indiana Jones a great deal and as you know, and I like Mickey Mouse.

I just was not convinced that the design is what I wanted on my shirt.

I finally decided that it was meant to be and whether or not I wanted a shirt with an Indy design on it did not matter. I was getting a shirt with an Indy design on it.

With the design embroidered on the shirt, I then had to pick buttons. I found these button in my button stash. They are bigger than I normally use but I really liked them with the design. So, once again, I had no choice. These were the buttons for this shirt.

Now that the shirt is done, I love it and can’t wait to wear it.


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