Snakes. Why’d It Have To Be Snakes?

Since the pattern for my shirt was already laying on my sewing table, I decided I would make another shirt. Mom gave me the olive green fabric on one of our visits to see her. It is a nice piece of fabric with a good feel but there wasn’t enough for a complete shirt. So, I pulled out another piece with a cool design on it from the stash to put with it. I like the two pieces together and I think the two fabrics compliment each other.


The problem came, once again, when trying to pick out a design. I could envision several different designs on this shirt from Snoopy as a Boy Scout to a gorilla, but when I ran across this design of a snake’s eye, I knew exactly what I wanted on this shirt. Once again I questioned whether a snake on my shirt was appropriate for me, but this shirt was my chance to use a design that I have always liked, but did have anything to put it on.


I am pleased with the end results of this shirt. I like the combination of the two fabrics with the snake eye design. I am excited to wear my new shirt.

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