At the Closing of the Year 2010

I normally do not write a year end recap of projects I have done. I like to just keep sewing instead. But, because last year I made a new year’s resolution to try some new sewing techniques, I decided it would be fun to look back at the projects I did.

The List

6 New shirts for me

2 New pairs of work pants

3 New shirts for the husband

5 New baby sleepers

2 New baby sleepers from a larger pattern

5 New baby bibs, If you want to see my original baby bib post you can find it HERE.

4 New gifts – a young girls dress, young girls satin pajama’s and 2 young boys sweatshirts

5 Blanks embroidered – 4 kid’s shirts and the Indy bag for the brother

20 New Amigurumi creatures of all shapes and sizes – thanks to the army of ninjas

3 Blankets – two with crocheted edges and 1 fully crocheted blanket for the bunny.

Countless yards of new fabric purchased – I had WAY too much fun at JoMar in Philly.


After writing it all down, this is more than I thought I had done. But as far as accomplishing my resolution, a few of the projects stand out.

T-Shirts for Me

Although I have made me many t-shirts in the past, this time I have redone my entire sloper pattern to get a better fit. I hate to alter patterns and clothes so needing to redo a sloper was a big deal for me and I learned a lot. I even made a muslin which I rarely do.




The Mickey Mouse Indy Shirt

img_3829I have made a couple of shirts with a stand collar, but it was great to do another one to try the attachment of the stand and collar again to try and perfect the technique.






Even though it wasn’t the first appliques I have ever done, I did learn plenty about the technique of appliquéing from both the double monkey applique and applying the embroidered patch to the Indy bag for my brother.




Larger Size Sleepers

The making of these sleepers is what my resolution was all about. I used a pattern I had never used before and followed the pattern guide. The making of the new sleeper pattern was not totally out of my comfort zone though, because of all the sleepers I have previously made.



.The Dress for the Niece

This dress was made with the resolution in mind. I have never made a dress with a zipper before. I learned many things from the construction of this little dress and I am anxious to make another one and practice the skills that I learned while making it.




With the new year already started, I am excited to get sewing again after the craziness of the holidays behind me. I don’t think I will commit to a structured sewing resolution this year. I will just say that I want to sew and I want to learn new techniques and perfect previous techniques, and have a great time while doing it.

Well, if I have to make a sewing resolution for 2011 it would be to not buy as much fabric as the year before, but as you know no one keeps their new year’s resolutions, so why should I.

P.S. When the husband saw my list and realized that I had made me 6 new shirts and only 3 new shirts for him, he has already picked out my next sewing project, a new shirt for him.

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