Cali -The Teddy Bear

Cali is the first amigurumi I have finished this year. I have another more elaborate amigurumi started but it takes my full concentration to keep count while working on it, so I picked this pattern to work on while watching tv or traveling in the car. She was named while on a trip to California in which I finished her construction. Cali is from the same pattern as the bunny I made. The pattern is from Amigurumi Two by Ana Paula Rimoli, but with a few changes. I had wanted to try this pattern again because I liked how well the arms and legs turned out. I like the little balls at the end of the arms and legs.


Cali is made from cheap yarn, and yes, I learned my lesson and I won’t be using cheap yarn ever again. I bought this yarn at Big Lots. It was a odd brand that I had never heard of, but was a huge skein for $4.00. I figured yarn is yarn but I learned very quickly in the crocheting process that that is not true. Although, I don’t think it affected the end results, during the crocheting process, the yarn was always splitting and did not work up as smoothly as other yarns I have crocheted with.


As far as changes to the pattern, I added two extra rows to the body of this bear. On some of the previous patterns I have made, you stop crocheting at the row with 18 stitches on both the head and the body. This makes it very easy to attach the head to the body. This pattern called for the head to be madeĀ as a ball and the last row on the body was 30 stitches. So, I added two rows, one at 24 stitches and the next one at 18 stitches. I then stopped crocheting the head when I came to the row of 18 stitches. I like the end result. It defines the neck better than the other way. Also this time, I stitched the arms on vertically instead of horizontally, so that the movement of the arms is side ways, instead of up and down. I don’t know that placing the arms this way is better than the other way. I think I would have to ask a child after they have played with the bear versus the bunny as to which one was the better attachment.


I did not mean to make a girl bear, but after I finished the face, it was a girl. I believe this is due to the tiny eyes and the smaller smile. Regardless, Cali turned out very cute. Currently she is just living on my sewing room table, but I know a little girl that she would be just right for.

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