The Snippy Snips of Snipperton

A long time ago in a far away place, I purchased a pair of small scissors that looked like a pen. They were on clearance at a store that is long since out of business. I paid $0.33 for them. I wish now that I would have purchased every pair of these that they had. I have used these pen scissors for years with my crafting, first with counted cross stitch and now with my crocheting. I noticed last month that the spring in these scissors was getting weak and that it would soon be time to replace them.


The next time I was in a fabric store, I looked for a replacement for these scissors. Although there were several suitable replacements for the scissors, the price about knocked me over even with a half off coupon. Taken aback, I decided to wait to purchase any new scissors until the original pair broke. Over Christmas, Mom pulled a pair of the small folding Fiskar scissors from her crochet bag. I took a good look at them and decided that they would have to be the replacement for my pen scissors.  After listening to Mom fight to get her scissors to cut, which greatly surprised me since they were fiskars, I decided to keep looking.


The husband gave me a pair of his small ceramic scissors made to cut small wires and electronic components. They were just what I wanted and they were only $1.99. I tried them out on a piece of paper and they worked great. I thought I had a replacement until I tried to cut a piece of yarn. The scissors would not cut the yarn. Oh well, so much for them.


On my last trip to M&L fabric, they had a pair of Gingher scissors in a pen shape. The price was not great but not too bad, plus they sell all notions and accessories at 20% off. I decided to get them to replace my old pen scissors. I have had great luck with the use of Gingher scissors, they are VERY sharp and they do cut yarn and anything else I have tried, so hopefully I have a good replacement. Stay tuned and I will let you know.


2 thoughts on “The Snippy Snips of Snipperton

  1. Too funny, I have a pair of purple pen scissors, probably purchased at the same time as yours. I love them too, although they don’t get as much use so they are still working. Good luck with the replacements.

  2. Mines pink, and Cammie’s right i think we got all them at the same time (fun day together) wish I’d gotten more too. Also more of the cutter we got that day, did you get any of those?

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