Don’t Mess With A Good Thing

After a long dry run caused by the Christmas holiday and all that entails, I have turned my sewing machine back on and I am loving every minute I spend with it. Although I was told that my next project was to be a new shirt for the husband, there are babies on the way to co-workers and soon. So, I got out the sleeper pattern and started to cut.


Several years ago, Mom retraced her copy of the sleeper pattern for me because my copy was getting so shaved and sliced from so much use. Although I have used this new copy a couple of times, it is not quite right and you needed to do a little adjusting of the pieces as you sew. So this time, I decided to make the adjustment at the cutting table and make permanent  changes to the pattern. As I sewed the sleeper together, I was pleased with the changes I made to the sleeves and shoulder, but something went terribly wrong with the crotch and the foot with the zipper.


Flustered, I returned back to the pattern but I could not see what had went so wrong. I decided I needed a fresh look and so I got out my original copy of the pattern. Now, not the one I adjusted years ago for stripes. It is still working well. As I cut this sleeper out, I made adjustments for missing seam allowances and cut off toe pieces and as I sewed this sleeper together, the pieces fit as they should. I still can not figure out where the re-traced copy is off or where my adjustments are off on the first sleeper, but I did decide that my time was too valuable to spend working on this problem, and that I should just switch back to my original pattern. I am going to go back and re-trace my older copy especially with my new adjustments and make another new pattern. Something just is not right with that other copy and is just not worth figuring out what.


Now I just have to figure out if I can save the first sleeper at the sewing machine, or if I need just start again at the cutting table and make a new one. Wish me luck!


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