A new Joann Fabric and Craft store just opened near me. I am excited to see any new business start, but I have mixed emotions about this one.


Now don’t get me wrong, I am very excited to have a real fabric store opening so close to me. Previous to this, the closest Joann’s or any fabric store other than Walmart was about 100 miles away. With the demise of Walmart’s fabric departments, it is becoming harder and harder to buy basic sewing supplies, buttons, zippers, bias tape and so on.  Even buying a good pair of scissors is getting to be totally out of the question. With the opening of this new Joann’s store, I now have a selection of notions to choose from, a better array of yarn colors to choose from, sales to shop, coupons to use and on the rare occasion, a great deal to be found.


The problem I have is that after shopping M&L fabric in Anaheim, CA,  PA Fabric Outlet in Harrisburg, PA, Jomar’s in Philly and even SAS Fabric in Phoenix, Joann’s just falls short in comparison. Now, I know that these other fabric stores are discount store and they don’t carry everything, but they do have much more fabric and far better prices. And isn’t that the fix that a real fabriholic needs?


I do see in the future many trips to this Joann’s store and plenty of money spent there as I continue my sewing journey. Joann’s has its place in suppling my basic sewing needs and having those needs in stock, but, I will still long for and hold dear to my heart the trips to the many awesome fabric stores I have shopped at over the years.

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