It Bears Repeating

It’s been a long time since I have crocheted around the edge of a blanket. Instead I have been spending my crocheting time on amigurumi’s.  When I found out that some friends have babies on the way, I thought I had better get some baby blankets finished. Looking back at the last blanket that I made, I remembered that I was trying to perfect crocheting an edge on a flannel blanket.

img_3884With that in mind, I headed for the stash and pulled out two pieces of flannel. Reading my past posts, I remembered the lessons that I learned on the last flannel blankets. So, after squaring the fabric, I sewed the two pieces of flannel together with just an 1/8 inch seam allowance. Normally I would not sew flannel with such a small seam allowance but because I will be crocheting around the edge, I am not worried about the seam not withstanding wear. After turning and ironing, I used the skip stitch blade to cut the blanket 1/4 inch from the edge…

img_3885Now, this the part that I want to repeat. Before I used the skip stitch blade, I decided on type of yarn I wanted to use. I chose a 3-ply sports yarn so I used the skip stitch blade #2 so that the cuts would be closer together. As I learned from before, which skip stitch blade you use depends on the yarn you’re going to use, not the type of fabric. If I had chosen a heavier 4-ply yarn, I would have used the skip stitch blade #1 instead.

I have now crocheted the edge on this blanket and I am love the results. Because of the thinner yarn, I am using a size F hook instead of the size G hook I normally use. With the cut at just 1/4 of an inch from the edge, I am getting a nice drop without folding the edge over. It is one of the cutest blankets I have finished..

img_3883img_37961Because I was not sure of the results I would be getting from the flannel blanket, and the fact that some of the babies will soon be here, I have made some fleece blankets as well. Since I knew I would be finishing these blankets with a 4-ply yarn, I used the skip stitch blade #1 to cut the slits.

I like the fold on the edge of fleece blankets so I cut at 1/2 inch from the edge and folded the edge as I crocheted. Also with using the heavier yarn, I used my size G hook.

These blankets worked up very quickly and turn out very cute.

20 thoughts on “It Bears Repeating

  1. I really LOVE your BEAUTIFUL fleece blankets, with the crochet edging…what a clever idea! I picked up a Leisure Arts “Baby’s Choice Crochet Edgings For Fleece at Joann’s…love it! I love to knit and crochet, but I’m not a seamstress…LOL! I did order the slip stitch blade for my rotary cutter. I have done the fleece blankets before that you cut and tie together…not my favorite project.

    When I saw these, I thought it would be a really quick baby gift…so thanks for all the tips…going to pick up some fleece next week.

    I noticed that your blankets are square…the leisure arts leaflet, says to cut rounded corners…have you ever done that before? Would love to hear your thoughts on that.

    Thanks and have a very Happy Easter

    • Yes I have tried a rounded corner and they tend to be easier to crochet. My problem is that I am using remnants of fleece for the blankets and so I don’t round the corners to give me that extra few inches of fabric to use. If you have plenty of fabric though by all means round the corners.

      Yes I am on Ravelry as LanitaB.

  2. I hit the enter button way too soon…LOL! I also love crocheting amigurumi. Are you on Ravelry? My name is merryknitter on there…you can check out my projects there!
    Anyways, thanks and have a Blessed Easter!
    Merry Thornsburg

  3. Lanita,

    I recently became associated with a new chapter of Project Linus in the San Francisco Bay Area ( In looking for instruction and ideas for crocheting around the edge of blankets, I found your blog.

    I’m just writing to say that the posts of your experiences with the skip-stitch blade were helpful, as well as enjoyable to read. I like the way you weave the helpful tips into stories. In addition, the photos are good.

    We recently had a inquiry from a person wanting to learn how to crochet around bankets after using the skip-stitch blade to make the holes. I sent her a link to your site, as well as to others I had found. I hope she finds your suggestions as helpful as I did.

    I am going to try the edging with the peaks myself. It looks cute.

    Thanks for writing your blog.


    • Thank You for reading my blog. I always appreciate knowing that I helped someone, somewhere so they didn’t have to go through the same grief as I did on various projects.


  4. I love your projects, especially the fleece and flannel blankets! I’m just studying and planning to do my first fleece one when I came across your blog. I want to buy a set of blades. Do you know if she offers a discount for the set? I had only planned to buy the fleece blade, but after reading your experiences, I’m wondering if I need more than one. I will be using mostly fleece, the occasional flannel, and I always use either 4 (worsted), 5 (bulky), or 6 (super bulky) yarns when I crochet. I never use “crochet” or baby weight yarns Which blade(s) do you suggest? Thanks for sharing your trials and errors and for answering my questions!

    • Thanks for the comments on the blankets. When I purchased all three of the skip-stitched blades, there was no discount given for purchasing all three and I have never used blade #3 so take that for what it is worth. From the weights of the yarns you’re planning on using to crochet the edges of your blankets, I would recommend that you purchase blade #1, the one with wider cuts and designed for fleeces, but if you would like to save on shipping costs by ordering more, you might want to pick up blade #2 just incase you do want to use a smaller weight of yarn or if your crochet tension differs from mine and you like the closer cut of blade #2. Above all have a great time trying different yarns and have fun crocheting around your blankets. I sure do enjoy using mine.

  5. Have you ever done a single layer of flannel or do you always double it? I want to use pearl cotton crochet thread to add the border… I guess I would use the #2 blade? If I use a light weight yarn, what pattern do you suggest? Thanks.

  6. Also, what prevents the flannel from developing rips when the skip blade cuts through the fabric… I understand that the outer edge is protected by the crochet stitches, but I worry the interior of the flannel will be damaged… I guess not though??

    • Because the skip stitch blade only makes a small slit in the flannel and leaves the spaces in between whole, the slits do not ravel like the edges of the flannel. When you’re crocheting the flannel, you do have to be a little careful or your hook can catch the threads of the flannel. As long as I am not using a really cheap flannel, I can just stretch the pulled thread back into place when I catch them. Sometimes I just clip them out. Unfortunately, I am not the end user of the blankets that I make so I don’t know if after being laundered a few times if there is any raveling at the slits of the skip stitch blade. No one that has received a blanket from me has complained about it being a problem. I have never made a blanket from a single layer of flannel or used pearl cotton crochet thread so I really don’t feel comfortable giving you any advise on your particular project, but I would love to hear how it turns out. I will advise you to finish the edges of your single layer of flannel and not just rely on the crocheting to keep the edge from fraying. I would hem or serge or even do a rolled hem on the edge of your flannel before you use the skip stitch blade or start to crochet the edge.

  7. Love your site. Way more informative than the skip-stitch site. Do you know what the number 3 blade would be used for? I will be using a blade for tea towel edgings and will use crochet cotton. Thanks


  8. Hi Lanita, I just found out about the skip stitch site and stumbled to your website. I love reading your blog. I have one question, can I sew the flannel first (as I have one sewn together) and then use the skip stitch blade? Thank you for sharing your talents

  9. I have been wanting to get a skip stitch blade. Thank you so much for all the info on your blog. So very helpful!

    So, I just want to make sure I understand correctly.

    For your flannel blankets, you put wrong sides together and sew around 1/4″ seam?? Then flip it inside out. DO you sew up the hole? Then you do the skip stitch blade 1/4 inch from the edge of the material?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Yes sew a 1/4″ seam, but then cut it down a little so it does not interfere with you skip stitch blade.

      And yes I hand stitch the hole closed with a small whip stitch.

  10. What crochet pattern did you do around your flannel blanket? I love the look! I’m pretty much a beginner with crocheting, but I would love to know how you do that stitch. Thanks Kandy

    • On the flannel blanket, I started with a foundation row which is a chain stitch into the skip stitch slit then 1 chain stitch not into a slit then chain stitch into the next slit. The next row is slip stitch into a chain stitch on the foundation row, skip the next chain stitch, 5 double crocheted into the next chain stitch, skip the next chain stitch, slip stitch into the next chain stitch.

      I don’t have a name or pattern for this edge. I read about something similar to this and then made it up. I do not ever count stitches when I crochet around the edge of a blanket so the last scallop maybe stretched or squished a little but it all works out.

  11. Lanita

    I would love to know what crochet edging you did on your bears repeating fleece blanket. It is so cute! I would like to know what the edging is called and how you did it. Thanks Kandy

    • On the first frog blanket, I did the chain stitch foundation row into the skip stitch slits. On the next row I chained 3, skipped one chain stitch, then slip stitched into the next. After crocheting around the blanket, I then changed colors. The next row is chain 3 then slip stitch into the next scallop. After crocheting around the blanket, change colors again and repeat the last row, chain3 and slip stitch into the scallop. I really like this edge. And it works up very quickly. Play with it. If you want bigger scallops, chain more stitches.

      The second frog blanket is the same edge as the flannel blanket. See the other comment for directions.

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