Flannel Pieces

While digging through the stash for flannel pieces to make blankets, I discovered that I have quite a large supply of flannel pieces that are not big enough for a blanket by themselves, most around 1/2 to 3/4 of a yard. The majority of them are baby/kid prints. Some have been living in the stash for a long time and others for only a short time, but I would like to figure out something to do with them.


My first thought is just to piece the pieces together and make more blankets, but I hesitate for one reason. Previously, I pieced together some fleece and flannel pieces to make a blanket for a pet. I patch worked the top of the blanket and used a solid piece for the bottom. I was disappointed with the results. Because of the seams, the blanket was lumpy. To me, it seemed like it would be uncomfortable to lie on. I did not add a batting to that blanket. I have often wondered if I had added a batting if that would have solved the problem, but I was trying to keep the blanket as thin as possible. So, I would hate to use these pieces to piece a blanket together only to have it be lumpy and uncomfortable. Perhaps since I will only be using flannel and no fleece, it would not turn out as lumpy. I have also wondered if doing a french seam would make the blanket smoother. I guess I just need to try it and see what I get.


I have also thought about making a rag blanket with the pieces, but  I have never tried to make one of those before. I don’t know if the rag blankets suffer from the same lumpy problem. My mom has made several rag blankets with denim and flannel and lumpiness does not seem to be an issue with those. I also don’t know if I want to put my washer and dryer through the fraying process. I am probably just over thinking the whole lumpy problem. What do you think?


Because I am not convinced that I should use the pieces for blankets, I have been trying to think of other ideas. My sister makes sleepers from flannel. I have thought about doing this, but I would sure miss the stretch of the knits while making the sleepers. I also believe that the knit sleepers wear better and the babies do not out grow the knit sleepers as quickly. Since I have an abundance of knits that I can use to make sleepers with I would hate to spend the time to use the flannel. I have also thought about making slippers with the flannel. I have a simple pattern for cloth slippers for infants/toddlers. I have also bought a pattern to make slippers from fleece which I have not tried yet, but I have wondered how flannel would work out, but I guess I had better try the pattern with fleece first.


Ok, all of you readers out there, what do you think? What should I make with these flannel pieces?


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