Just Sew Something Already

I wandered and I wandered. I wandered in and I wandered out. I wandered around and around. I finished my latest project and could not decided what to start next. I have so many things I want to sew and create, that I just can’t decided what would be best to do next. Yes, this is a reoccurring theme with me.


I finally threw my hands in the air and they landed on a remanent that I purchased on my last trip to M&L fabric. Looking at the fabric, I grabbed it and threw it on the cutting table. I then grabbed the sleeper pattern. I did stop here for a moment to contemplate if I wanted to use this piece for sleepers or something else, but I refused to go back to wandering and wasting what precious sewing time I have, so I started to cut. This got my creative juices going. I started to line out my next project and then the next and then the next. I hurried to write down the list. I am so excited to have a plan again!


I finished cutting out the sleepers and sewed them up. As always, they were a lot of fun to sew. It has been a long time since I have made a sleeper that I did not embroidery on, but this fabric was just too busy for an embroidered design. I made two sleepers because that used up the entire remanent with nothing left to put  back into the stash. To make them a little different, I used different color ribbing. It is amazing to me how much a small change like different color ribbing changes the whole project. The green ribbing is all boy, but a girl could wear the red ribbing as well as a boy.


I have already started my next project with no wandering needed. From now on I have decided to keep a piece of fabric for sleepers next to the cutting table, for those times when I can’t decide what to do next. That way as I am cutting them out and I have burst of creative thoughts, I can put the sleepers away and get started on those other projects. Then I will use the time sewing the sleepers up as another boost to get things going again when needed. Hopefully, my plan will work and the wandering will stop. Hopefully…


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