Brownie The Bear

I have got to start reading patterns more closely. I found this free bear pattern by my favorite author on the internet and thought it was just the cutest bear. With that thought in mind, I put all my other crocheting aside and started making one right away.  After crocheting the body and the legs, I became quite disappointed. The bear was not turning out the way I had imagine.  I had expected a bigger bear. If I had read the pattern, I would have known the finished size of the bear was very small.


I felt like I had too many pieces of the bear finished to abandon the project, so I continued to crochet. After completing the crocheting and sewing the parts together, I was disappointed once again. The bear is not nearly as cute as the picture. Where did I go wrong? To me, he looks more like a fox than a bear. If I had just made him out of red, he would be really cute. Looking at the picture, I have decided that his eyes are too small and too high on his head. I am about to give up on crocheting bears. I have not found a pattern that I really like yet. The other animals that I crochet turn out so much cuter than the bears that I am going to stick with them.


My husband said I am too hard on the little bear and named him Brownie. He says he is cute, but agrees that he is not quite like the picture on the pattern but doesn’t need to be. He keeps reminding me that even misfit toys need love too. I know this and Brownie is starting to grow on me, but I am moving on to different animals in the future.


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