The Crocheting of The Mouse

Remember a while back, I told you I was crocheting an amigurumi that required my full attention as I crocheted the parts? Well here it is! I present to you, Mickey Mouse! He has taken me about 4 months to crochet and sew together, working on him on and off between other projects. Thinking back, I remember crocheting his feet while watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.


I bought the pattern for him from an Etsy store. I was very excited to start the project but right away, I could tell that I was going to have to count and mark each row as I completed it. So, instead of being a fun project to work on during car trips or in front of the tv, it became a project that had to be worked on at the sewing table with my full concentration.


This amigurumi is not crocheted in the round like most are. Each row starts with a chain and ends with a slip stitch. At first this was odd to me and caused me some confusion and took extra thought and counting. It was especially difficult to switch from this project to a project crocheted in the round, but I finally got the hang of it.


Knowing there was going to be a lot of work to sewing the parts together and this being my least favorite part of the making of any amigurumi, I sewed the parts together as I went along. So after crocheting the gloves and arms, I went ahead and stitched them together even though I had not even started to crochet the body yet. I did this with the feet and legs as well. It sure made it nicer at the final construction time to already have these parts ready to go.


The muzzle and cheeks were the most difficult part to crochet on the project. It took a couple of attempts before I got the count and design correct. Sewing the body to the head and the muzzle to the head was the most difficult part of the assembling process. I was quite disappointed with the results when I got the head, body and muzzle put together. If fact, it almost had to spend some time in the garbage can before I continued. Instead of spending time in the garbage can, I decided to put the ears and nose on first. I am glad I did. This greatly helped the appearance and my opinion of the head and muzzle, so no time was spent in the garbage can.


Not far from this in difficulty was the designing and cutting of the felt eyes. I spent about an hour cutting and triming the felt to get the size and look I wanted. The pattern included a template for cutting the felt but I did not like the resulting look. Another thing I would change on the pattern is that I would add more rows to the body making it longer and add a few more rows to the head so the muzzle fit a little better.


Now that he is crocheted and stitched together,  I just love him. He is not a perfect recreation of Mickey, but he is so cute in his own right. Previously, I have said that I will not keep my amigurumi’s, not even the Snoopy’s I made. They all had to find homes somewhere else. This Mickey Mouse may be the exception to that rule. I may just be able to find him a place in my sewing room.


7 thoughts on “The Crocheting of The Mouse

  1. If you ever decide to adopt Mickey, I would LOVE to give him a good home! 🙂 I’m a ridiculous Mickey fanatic and found him while doing a web search for Mickey sewing projects. Everything I own is Mickey and he’d fit right in!

    • I’m glad you found my blog because of my Mickey Amigurumi! I’ve been thinking about setting up an ETSY store to sell some of my creations since they are starting to drive me out of my sewing room at this point. I will let you know if I do so you can have a look.

  2. He is sooo cute!! I am planning on making him too but the pattern maker uses yarn local to her not me. So i was wondering if you happen to remeber the colors and names of yarns you used? I know it has been a long time. Thank you!

    • I am sorry it has been too long and I didn’t note which colors I had used while making it so I can’t be of any help there.

      I will say that 98% of everything I make is using Red Heart Super Saver brand yarn that I can pick up easily at my local Walmart.

      And for my flesh toned projects I normally use Red Heart Classic Peachy found here.

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