The end of my career as a seamstress

Well I have some really bad news to tell everyone. I was just told by my doctor today that I have an incurable case of sewer’s elbow, and a very, very bad case of crocheter’s wrist (which might be cured but only after months of painful surgeries and physical therapy) so I am going to have to give up my sewing and crafting hobbies for the foreseeable future.



I am not very happy about this turn of events! But my doctor is ecstatic!  He thinks that with several surgeries and lots and lots of doctors visits and physical therapy, I could be back to maybe fifty percent mobility by next Christmas. And he said he has had his eye on a new Yacht for sale down at the marina and that my current problems might just give him the money he needs to purchase it.


So I will be selling all of my sewing equipment, and my crafting equipment, and my 4111 yards of fabric in my stash to try and come up with the money to afford all of these medical bills that I am anticipating.


So if anyone is interested in some slightly used equipment or fabric please let me know as I need the money fast so I can begin my road to recovery!



Well not really. Happy April Fools Day everyone! Hopefully you are not pranked as badly as I plan on pranking all of my co-workers at work today!


2 thoughts on “The end of my career as a seamstress

  1. I got excited about your sale, but then i thought oh how you fooled me! 🙂 i have an unrelated question about embrodiery machines and don’t know how to email you directly so i am doing it on the post: currently i live in japan owning a bernina 1630, but i want to embroider now and while i love my 1630, i don’t have room in japan to keep two sewing machines, but i don’t want to sell my machine and send thru the post to the USA because i’m scared it will damage along the way…well, long story short, i would like an embroidery machine that i can upload my own design from scratch,(am a designer) and i have an apple only with Illustrator CS 3 (pc will boot too from my intel-based apple), but after reading your blog, looks like I need stitch buddy ($50), an empty card reader ($400), and an embrodiery machine ($1500 plus?), please tell me there is a cheaper way to own one and be able to upload my own designs. thank you!

    • Grace thanks for the comment. I would recommend that you find a Brother dealer or a department store that sells Brother sewing/embroidery machines. Here we have Walmart and they sell the smaller Brother embroidery/sewing combo machines for about $300. And all of the newer machines from all the different brands all just use the cheap usb thumb drives (usb sticks) to move your designs from your computer to your machine. It all works rather well. The smaller Brother machines work just as well as the bigger and more expensive ones, they just have fewer features and will only let you stitch a design 4″ x 4″ (102mm x 102mm). If you need embroidery designs larger than that you will need a more expensive machine. You will need embroidery digitizing software to create your own designs and I would recommend the Brother PE-Design since it is the least expensive (ebay ~$100US), and it would already work with the machine as long as you went with the Brother. You will need to install Windows to use it on your Mac. There is NO Mac DIGITIZING software available at this point. Sizing and file format conversion software yes, but nothing for digitizing. Please re-read my Digitizing posts again if you didn’t understand that.

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