Now That I Am Older

I pretty much sew the same thing over and over again. When I need a new shirt, I pull out my basic sloper patterns and either make one of those or modify it only slightly. Sometimes this becomes very boring and I long for a new and different style. That is when I start searching the pattern books and online pattern web sites to see what’s new and what’s currently in style. Most times I am disappointed in the selection of patterns for plus sizes, but not this time. Butterick has a great selection of new styles in their plus size section. So, the next time Butterick patterns went on sell at Joann’s, I picked up several of these new patterns to try.


I have sewn many times from a store bought pattern but not for myself. When I first started sewing I tried to make a dress from a Simplicity pattern. I studied the pattern and its guide. I then bought a wonderful piece of fabric to make the dress with. Next I spent several hours cutting out the dress.


Then I started to sew. I stitched the bodice together quickly and tried it on. It was a disaster. It was way too short and cut way too low and hung off my shoulder. I was so disappointed that I threw away the whole project, pattern, fabric and all.  I decided that because I was a plus size, I had just better stick to my slopers that my mom helped me make, that I knew fit, and that I had had success sewing.


Now that I am older and a more experienced sewer, I am going to try making me something from a store bought pattern again, especially since Connie Crawford has designed such great plus sized styles for Butterick patterns. I am going to try B5503 first. I have read the pattern guide and studied that pattern. The pattern looks good. The length of the shoulders look right and the width for the front and back looks good. I am very excited to get sewing.


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