Quiet Down Fish

One of my favorite time wasters is to check out flickr groups to see what amigurumi’s other people are making. I call it a time waster, but it actually inspires me to do my next amigurumi project. Unlike sewing, I am anxious to start my next amigurumi project and need no wandering time to get started.


On my last look through the pictures, I found someone had made a shark. The picture was very cool and the shark looked awesome, so I went in search of the pattern. I found the pattern on a site of free amigurumi patterns. Some people are so talented and can make up their own patterns. I am not one of those people, but I admire those who are. I decided that my next project would be a shark.


I printed out the pattern and started crocheting but I started having a difficult time figuring out the instructions. I was off in the count of the rows, first not enough stitches then too many. I muddled my way through the body, but the fins were a whole other story. I crocheted the top fin but it looked so funny that I undid the whole thing and started again, twice. I finally decided to stop following the pattern and just make it up.  The other fins gave me the same grief.


When it came time to stuff the shark, the hole at the bottom of the body was very small and it took a long time to get the stuffing inside. The details, teeth and eyes, took a long time too, but that had little to do with the pattern. I have been trying to slow down when it comes to the final details to see if, one, I enjoy the process more, and two, if I get better results. Now that the shark is done, I am pleased with the results. He makes me laugh when I look at him.


My problem is the pattern. Did I just not follow the directions close enough, or did I not understand the directions, or, and I hate to say this, was it written poorly? I believe most of the blame falls with me not being a very seasoned crocheter and not understanding the pattern well enough, but I do give some blame to the author. I am sure in her mind that the pattern made complete sense. On the other hand, how much can I really expect for free? It was very nice of the author to create and post her pattern for free to everyone to use, and for that I am thankful.


The reason this frustrates me is that I tried another free pattern which is now my first amigurumi UFO. I can’t figure out the arms and I have made multiple changes to the pattern to get it to work the way I think that it should. I have currently bagged this amigurumi and will get it out the next time I see my mom or my mother in law and see if they can help me with the pattern. I am moving on to another amigurumi from a pattern book next. I hope that this will ease some of my frustrations and keep me happily crocheting.


2 thoughts on “Quiet Down Fish

  1. i tried this shark pattern too. i agree that the pattern is difficult to follow and the stitch count doesn’t seem to come out right. i’m currently stuck on the fins. the top one came out okay with some minor adjustments, but i’m totally lost on the tail fin and have been trying to find some other pattern i could use. i might have to just make one up, like you did! i’ve made a couple other amigurumi animals with no problem. a good pattern is easy to follow. good luck with your crafting!

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