img_0284I was wrong. I said my next amigurumi project was going to be from a pattern out of a purchased book. That was my plan until I saw Domo-kun on one of the photo sites. I tracked down the free pattern and printed it out. I read the pattern very closely and decided to give it a go and I am very glad that I did.

This pattern is written very well. I understood most of what the author was saying and the count was right on. In fact, the author did an excellent job designing Domo.

For example, on the legs, she has you crochet in the round to a certain row, then only crochet half a row, turn and come back across to make the outside of the legs. When the legs are stitched to the body the extra side squares his body off for a better look.


I learned several things from the construction of Domo and I used some techniques I have never tried before. First, Domo can stand by himself thanks to plastic pads inside the bottom of his feet. This gives him a flat surface to stand on. I still over stuffed his legs a little and he likes to fall down occasionally due to being a little top heavy, but he stands most of the time.

Second, I put wire in his arms so they are bendable. I went to the craft store looking for craft wire but only found the wire for jewelry making which I did not think was sturdy enough. The husband suggested that I use pipe cleaners instead.


The pipe cleaners are strong enough for the job and the fuzzy exterior kept them from poking through the yarn. It took a couple of tries to get the stuffing and the pipe cleaners to work well together but I think I figured it out.

Put a little stuffing in the bottom, insert the pipe cleaner and then use small pieces of stuffing to stuff around the pipe cleaner. I doubled the pipe cleaners and left about 1/2 inch poking out of the top of the arm. I inserted this into the body and it kept the arms in place while I sewed the arms on making that whole process easier. Then the fun started as I positioned Domo’s arms up and down. It made him come to life. I can position his arms out for hugs or raise them up in the air while he chases kittens..

dsc05472The last thing I learned from the making of Domo is how to surface crochet. I had never heard of surface crocheting but the pattern called for it around his mouth. So, when it was time to attach Domo’s mouth, I searched out instructions to learn how to do it.

I had learned how to surface crochet, but I had already stuffed and finished Domo’s body so there would be no way I could surface crochet around his mouth without unstuffing his body and I was not willing to do this.

To remedy this, I crocheted a chain and glued it around his mouth. It turned out fine and I really like the way the chain, or the surface crochet if I had done it, adds dimension to his mouth.

.Overall, Domo was great fun to crochet and put together. I am very pleased with the end results. The husband and I have had a great time playing with Domo. He has chased Brownie, ran away from Cali, went to Disneyland and Disney World for some great photos, and finally ended with hugs for all.


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