B5503 – Cutting

As I have mentioned before,  I am not one for using muslin to try a new pattern out. I would rather make it out of some inexpensive fabric that is just ok and see what I get. If it works out I have something to wear and if it doesn’t, oh well, I’m not out very much anyway. Once when  I did this and it didn’t work out, I chopped it up and made baby sleepers with the fabric. I have found that if I use a piece of muslin to try the pattern, I get sloppy with the construction of it since I know it will never be a useable item. I cut corners and assume that it will all work out, and you know what happens when you assume.

With that in mind, I chose a piece of fabric from the stash that was not totally sold on, but still a nice piece. I knew it would make a nice shirt. And I could run the stripes in alternate directions, instead of using another color to make the contrasting pieces that the pattern called for. I picked the pattern size that best matches my measurements in what I would buy in ready to wear, traced the pattern and cut out the pieces. This shirt style sure took a lot of fabric, more than I normally use to make me a shirt. When I bought this piece of fabric, I bought enough for a shirt for me and the husband. After cutting out my shirt, the husband might get a shirt or he might not. We will have to see when I lay his pattern on the fabric I have left over.


The pattern called for a center back seam and I can’t figure out why. The seam does not seem to do any shaping or fitting of the shirt whatsoever. The only reason I can think that the pattern instructs you to do this is possibly to use less fabric or if you need to adjust for your back side.  I could have cut the back piece on the fold, but I followed the pattern instead. I cut the back piece in half then took it to the sewing machine and sewed it back together.

With the pieces in hand, it was time for construction to start.



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