A June Bride

I am not quite sure where the desire to be a June bride comes from, but I have created my own June bride. Well, technically she is the Bride of Frankenstein and I have had a great time crocheting her.


I found her pattern for sale on line and just had to buy it, as well as an additional $38 dollars in patterns. Oops! I fell in love with this amigurumi author’s monsters and creatures. I was not very wise with my purchase though. What would have happened if I did not like the way the patterns were written or they involved a technique I couldn’t figure out? I should have just purchased one pattern to make sure it worked for me before I bought more, but luckily the patterns are fairly basic and are written very well.


The first thing I had to do was find the right color of yarn for her skin. I finally found the color I wanted at Hobby Lobby but the yarn is Jiffy from Lion Brand Yarn which is bumpy and fuzzy. I decided to give it a try even though it wasn’t just good old Red Heart 4-ply yarn. The Jiffy yarn worked up great with most of the fuzzy parts going to the inside. This was a little disappointing because I was picturing some fuzz to the monsters skin, but it looks fine without the fuzz. This yarn is a little bit thicker than I am used to but it did not seem to distort the size of the head, arms or legs.


The crocheting went smoothly. I followed the pattern closely and the only thing I would change is when to stuff the body. If I make the pattern again, I will go ahead and stitch a couple of more rows before I start to stuff the body. I think that will give me a smoother, closer stitch on the bottom. Her hair accents were a bit of a challenge. I tried to follow the pattern but I am not sure I did exactly. At the end I was just making it up as I went.  Although my hair accent is a little different than the picture on the pattern, I like how it turned out and the way it looks in her hair.


My favorite part of the construction was sewing the detail stitches on. There were no instructions and so I just stitched whatever looked good. It was fun to decided when you want a stitch to go up or down or diagonal. The choice was mine and I am pleased with the results.


All in all, the Bride of Frankenstein was great fun to make. I am very excited to start on my next monster pattern.


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