Well, you can’t have a bride without a groom, so my next project, of course, had to be Frankenstein.


His pattern was from the same website as the bride’s pattern. I used the same Jiffy yarn for the skin. The challenge to Frank was his hair. The pattern did a good job of making his head square and the hair matched that closely, but the fit of my hair on his head did not go as smoothly as I think it should have. My best guess as to why is the Jiffy yarn. Because the Jiffy yard is a little thicker than the Red Heart I used to make his hair, his hair seemed a little short and tight on his head. If I was making him again with the Jiffy yarn, I would make the hair longer and wider to accommodate this. Even with this, I am pleased with the look of his hair on his head.

I did get a chance to try my stuffing theory on Frank and, yes, it did work better. I stitched a few more rows before I started to stuff Frank’s body. It did not make the stuffing any more difficult and I like the look of the closer stitches better.


As before the sewing of the detail stitches was the best part of the construction. When it came to stitching his mouth, the husband said that Frank is a monster and to give him a frown. I said he was frowning because he was getting married.

If I make either Frank or his bride again, I think I will use the pipe cleaner technique that I created for Domo-kun in their arms. That way I can pose their arms out in front of them like you see in the monster movies.


I am pleased with the final results of Frank and he looks very handsome by his bride.


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