It Spoke

It spoke and I ignored it. It spoke louder and I turned away. It yelled and I walked away. It screamed and I ran. It’s haunting voice chased me and I hid. It found me and I broke. And then I bought more fabric. Horror of horrors!


Since the trip to the stash that brought on such a negative emotional response in my previous blog post, I have avoided even the temptation to purchased fabric. I have even been to California a couple of times and I did not even stop at M & L Fabric. Once I stopped in but did not buy any fabric, not even one inch, not even thread, zippers or ribbon. But, while shopping at Wal-mart the other day, I decided to stop by and see what they had in the fabric department. Now, it has been a long time since I have bought any fabric at Wal-mart. The fabric department at my store has taken a turn for the worst recently and I just have not found anything I liked, but not this time. To make matters worse, I couldn’t just buy 2 or 3 yards, no, I have to buy 10 yards of this incredible fabric. In my defense, I could see so many things made from the fabric, a fancy jacket, a simple dressy shirt to wear to concerts, even a black dress. I can’t picture the fabric made up on me, but it spoke and so I bought.



While I am confessing, I bought 5 yards of fleece from It was on sale and I watched the video of the fabric multiple times before I clicked the buy button. I really do not like to purchase fabric from the internet. I am a hands on person. I want to feel the fabric and see the drape, but I was swayed by the sale and clicked the purchase button anyway. The fleece is not quite what I expected but it was close enough. If I had seen this fabric in the store for this price, I would have purchased it too. I can see several things made from it. So, I am not unhappy with my purchase in the end.


Well, confession time is over and it is time for me to get back to the cutting table and sewing machine. These pieces have made their way to the stash, but as they entered, a couple of other pieces made their way out and are in the process of being sewn up into wonderful new things I will write about later.


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