While cruising the amigurumi photos on flickr, I saw a picture of a giraffe made in shades of blue. Since I have a co-worker expecting her first boy, I decided to make one of them for her.


This giraffe’s pattern is from How to Crochet Adorable Amigurumi from Gourmet Crochet. It is a pamphlet rather than a book with 12 designs. The patterns are written simply but with very little detail. The pattern left you wondering how to crochet or sew several of the parts together. More pictures of the finished project, back and side shots as well more front shots, would have helped. I would not recommend this pamphlet to a beginner, but it you have been making amigurumi’s for a while you can fill in the blanks without much problem.


This pattern worked up quickly and it was fun to crochet. The only thing I would change is the first row on each piece. Most of the larger pieces have 7 single crochets for the first row. In my opinion, this makes too large of a hole that can not be hidden by the yarn tail. This was less of a problem on the legs where the next rows did not increase in count quickly, but on the head and especially the muzzle, the hole was bigger than I like. In fact, after crocheting the muzzle, I dislike the size of the hole so much that I thought about making a new muzzle and adding an additional row making  the first row 4 count, and the next row 7 count, then on to 14 count and 21 count. I did not remake the muzzle in the end because I was getting low on that particular color of yarn. To remedy the big hole, before stuffing, I placed a small piece of felt inside the muzzle to cover the hole. Luckily the yarn of the nose and mouth help to cover the hole as well.


The ears were a little tricky to figure out. The pattern gave instructions, but I am not sure that I did them right. In the end, I just kind of made up what looked good to me.  After crocheting the tail as the pattern called for, the husband said it was too thin, so I ended up making up a pattern for the tail as well.

At first, I was skeptical of the end results. The giraffe was not working up as cute as the picture on flickr or as the  picture in the pattern looked, but as the little giraffe develops, he has grown on me quickly. I now think he is very cute and I am excited to give him to my co-worker.





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