It’s out! Ana Paula Rimoli’s third book, Amigurumi Toy Box, is available for purchase. Yes, I have purchased the book and have made one of the patterns already. The patterns and designs in this book are just as wonderful as her first two books. The animals in this book are smaller in size than her other books but I believe that was the idea behind the “toy box”. Most of the patterns use a smaller hook than the patterns in her other books. Looking through the book, the first pattern I wanted to make was the snake but I became side tracked by the cute little bird.



I realized several months ago that I had never crocheted my mom an amigurumi. Of course, she has no need for a teddy bear but I knew that there were lots of designs out there that she would like. While studying the snake pattern in the new book, my eye kept wandering to the little bird on the next page, so I started to crochet the bird instead of the snake.


The pieces of the bird crocheted up easily and the sewing together went quickly, once I figured out the position of the head to the body. With only a little bit of felt details, the bird was done. Because the construction was so quick and fun and the result was so cute, I started another bird for my mother in law. To spice the construction up a little, I switched the colors of the birds. Soon enough, I had four birds made for family and friends.


With the birds made, I needed to get started on the stumps so they had some place to sit. I ended up crocheting only one stump. The patterns made up quickly but I grew bored knowing that I had to make 3 more stumps. Dragging my feet and complaining about crocheting stumps, the husband reminded me about the $1.00 wooden birdhouses we saw at Joann’s the last time we were there. What a great idea, but I am not a painter so the unpainted birdhouses presented a problem. The husband came to the rescue and painted the birdhouses for me with a white base and a spray of blue accent. He also cut out a dip in each roof for the birds to sit.


The birds looked so cute on the birdhouses that I quickly abandoned the one stump I had made and put all 4 birds on a house instead. I think they turned out really cute and the recipients of the birds seem to like them too.  Now it is back to the book to make the snake, then the dolphin or the unicorn or the polar bear, but what about the hot dog? I am so excited to crochet them all.


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