A Tale of a Tail

The three eye monster crocheted up very nicely, slowly, but nicely. As I already stated, he is HUGE! It took a full skein and a half of yarn plus a half a bag of stuffing.

I purchased the pattern called three eye guy for him on line from craftydeb. It is the same place that I got Frank and his bride’s patterns from that I really enjoyed making.

The pattern was easy enough to follow with a few techniques I had never done before. The body was done as a whole piece, attaching two of the eyes and one leg as you crocheted. Except for attaching the eye balls and tail, there was no sewing the body parts together. This was great, since sewing the parts together is my least favorite part of making amigurumi’s.

The only part of the pattern that I did not like was the tail.

The author of the pattern made a long bent tail that was supposed to help the monster stand on his own. I crocheted the tail exactly like the pattern called for, but I did not like it at all. The tail was actually a third leg. It stood out from the body about 4 inches. .

He is already big and this tail just added to his size, making him both extra wide side to side and front to back. This monster was made as a decoration, but I can see a kid wanting to play with it, but not with this huge tail extending from its butt.

So, I decided to redesign the tail a bit. . . .

I started by crocheting a whole new tail making it smaller around and shorter with no bends. After stuffing it that tail looked worse than the original tail. So I unstuffed the tail and tried one long and flat without stuffing. This was better, but still not the look I wanted.

I then tried to lengthen and shorten this tail, as well as place it higher and lower on the monster’s body. It just was not right. . At this point, I returned to the original tail and started unraveling rounds. Every few rounds I would hold it to the monster’s body to see if I had the look I was after.

After unraveling more than 3/4 of the original tail, I unstuffed the tail and held it flat to the body. The flat tail was just not it either. It was too wide when flattened out. I unraveled a few more rows and then re-stuffed the tail. This time the look was close, not quite right, but closer than I had been yet. I unraveled a few more rounds and there it was, the tail I had been looking for, a fat bobbed tail. . .

Since I had lost his third leg to help him stand, I placed plastic pads in the bottom of his feet before I closed him up. The pads help him stand on his own without the need for the huge tail. .

I gave him three brown eyes to match the cherry cola colored yarn. I am pleased with the final results. Although he is big, I like his fat bobbed tail and the fact that he can stand by himself.

He has taken on a personality all his own and I named him simply Three Eyes.

As he stands there on the sewing table, he has a wild imagination and is ready for some mischief.

3 thoughts on “A Tale of a Tail

  1. He is adorable!! Now I know why you went out of your way to find extra skeins of the yarn color. It’s perfect. Looks great, you should be proud 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment Gina! I really, really like him. Wait until you see what I have in store for him in the next post!

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