And In Box Number One…

Now that I had a corner of my sewing room closet back in order and a pile of fabric for Good Will ready to go, I turned my attention to the the four pieces of fabric I left out from the boxes. After laundering the fabric, I decided to make me a shirt with the first piece.


My shirt would be made from the blue print piece. I don’t remember when I bought it or were it came from, but I really like the colors. The fabric must have some lycra in it because it has a stretch in both directions. This made me cut very cautiously because I did not want to stretch the fabric out as I cut it.

During the cutting process, I realized I did not have quite enough fabric to complete the shirt I wanted to make. But eventually I determined if I cut the back upside down, I would have just enough fabric but then the stripes would not match. I decided to go for it anyway! Since the shirt is just a t-shirt style to hang out in and the print is kind of funky, I figured it would not really be noticeable to anyone other than me anyway.


I had to use a few extra pins in the sewing process to keep the fabric from stretching out but for the most part the sewing went together quickly. The fabric was nice to work with and I just kept in mind not to rush the process.


With the shirt finished, I have wore it a couple of times and I just love it. I was concerned that with the lycra content that the shirt would be too warm, but it really isn’t. It is very comfortable. And it is very nice to have yet another piece out of the stash and being useful.


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