Plastic Bathrobe

The husband needs a new bathrobe. For years I have made him a new robe when ever he has needed one, but with one catch, I ran right to my mom for help. You see, I don’t have a pattern for his robes and Mom just took his shirt pattern and magically helped to cut him out a new robe that I would then sew together. This time though, Mom is now too far away to work her magic for me and it is high time I figure this out for myself. So, my first step in making the husband a new robe is making a pattern for it.


I started by spreading out his old robe, covering it with my plastic sheeting and tracing the seams. I traced one front and the back on the fold. I then cut these pieces out of the plastic and laid them together. Oh boy, I was so far off. None of the seams seemed to match. So, the adjusting process began. I measured several places on his old robe and started to make adjustments to the pattern pieces. I then got out his shirt pattern to see if I was even close to a fit. The armscye gave me the most hassle. I then did some more measuring and adjusting. After several revisions, I decided I now have a working pattern.

I got out the fabric for the robe and laid it out to start cutting but then stopped. I just did not trust my pattern. So, I decided to staple my pattern together and see how it fit.  Slipping the plastic on to the husband, I quickly saw where more adjustments needed to be made especially to the armscye. I am so glad I spent the time stapling the plastic together and trying it on him first as a muslin.


After taking out the staples, I made the adjustments to my pattern and then traced a new final pattern from the test pattern. I am now ready to cut into my fabric. Then we will see if my pattern making process worked out or not.


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