Pin Obsession

As you already know, I am a pinner and I use lots of pins when I sew. I believe that it is worth the time to add a pin and get  good results, than to not pin and get sloppy results and then have to unpick and start again. So, why did it take me so long to start using pins with my crocheting?


I can’t take credit for the idea to pin together the body parts of an amigurumi as you sew it together. I saw that someone else had done this while browsing some websites. So, I decided to give it a try. The first amigurumi that I used pins on was Frankenstein’s hair. It worked out great. The pins held the hair in place and made it a lot easier to stitch it in place. But, why did I not use pins while sewing on the arms and legs? I’m not sure. Since I know the value of pinning, why was I not using my pins to my full advantage?


As I finished crocheting the body parts for my latest amigurumi, I began to dread the sewing together of the parts as I always do. As you are well aware, sewing the amigurumi together is my least favorite part of the process. Over time, the sewing together of the body parts has become easier as I have learned to take my time with the stitching, and have just gotten better at it with pure practice. This time, though, I have decided to pin each part together and then stitch. So far, as with Frank’s hair, it has made the sewing together of the parts easier and with better results. I would like to kick myself for one, not thinking of pinning in the first place, and two, not pinning parts together sooner. It really does help you keep the body parts where you want them as you stitch them together.


If you are going to give this a try, I will give you this advice, have nice sharp long pins and pin straight down. Unlike pinning fabric, where you pin parallel, amigurumi parts are pinned together perpendicular to each other. So, make sure your pin extends into both body parts you are stitching together.


With the sewing of the body parts almost done, I will soon be able to finish the details of this amigurumi and then the really hard part starts, what to make next.


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