Look at my Coco-Dots!

“Look at my coco-dots!” said the little 3 year old neighbor girl as she twirled around in her polka-dotted dress. How cute was she in it I thought to myself.


Since I am always on the lookout for something new and fun to sew, it inspired me to sew something in cute polka-dots fabric for her, but polka-dots are not my favorite. As far as I can  remember, I  do not have any polka-dotted fabric to make anything for her with. I was trying to remember back through the tremendous number of pieces of fabric in the stash, if anything had polka-dots on it. Then I remembered this piece of fleece that I had with fuzzy bumps that I bought online from Fabric Mart’s clearance section.


Because it was on clearance for such a good price, I had bought plenty and because I had so much fun making the last jacket, and because the neighbor girl is a size 3, my next sewing project was soon decided. The fuzzy bumps are not really polka-dots, and the gray color is really not all that cute for a young girl, but I could see the jacket with my creative eye and I knew it would all work out.


To make the jacket I used McCall’s Pattern #3387 again. I really like this pattern, and I have made a few things using it now. The gray fleece was not as much fun to sew with as the polar fleece of the last jacket. It was not nearly as forgiving and it had stretch to deal with, but for the most part it sewed up fine. I thought that the fuzzy bumps would give my serger a fit, but they did not thankfully. The serger stitched through the bumps like a pro. I also thought the fuzzy bumps were going to be a problem along the zipper edge while sewing, but they were more out of the way and the zipper zips right up without problems. I made the pockets correctly on the first try this time which made me happy.


I ended up using interfacing on the facings and the collar to help deal with the stretch, and I finished the hem the way I wanted to do it, instead of how the pattern instructed to. I like this hem better on this jacket than the hem on the last jacket. Unlike the last jacket, I definitely had to sew a seam next to the zipper and across the collar to hold the facings and collar in place. This was not necessary on the polar fleece jacket even though I added it to it anyway.


Looking at the jacket on the hanger, I think it turned out really cute and I had a lot of fun sewing it together. I have not given the jacket to the little neighbor girl yet, but I hope she likes it and will enjoy wearing her new coco-dot jacket.

No it isn’t a Burda Pattern, but I am really happy with how it turned out.

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