Chain 2 or Magic Circle? That Is The Question.

The first amigurumi pattern I ever followed, started each piece with chain two and then so many sc in the second chain for the hook. It was not until several patterns later that I was told to start with the magic circle or ring. I read the instructions from the pattern for the magic circle and was totally lost, and decided at that point just to use the chain 2 method I had always used. It was not until the construction of Blue and the monkey and the comment from a reader that I decided to look into the magic circle a little closer. According to the comment, if I would start with the magic circle instead of the chain 2 method, I would not get the big hole when the first row called for more than six sc. So, I decided to figure out the magic circle and see what I got.


Since the written instructions I had for making a magic circle seemed to be written in a foreign language, I turned to YouTube and watched a couple of videos on how to crochet a magic circle. I learned very quickly that all videos are not created equally. The first video I watched left me more confused than my written instructions had. I understood what the next video I watched was telling me to do but when it came time to try it, I just could not get it to work. About to give up, I watched a couple of more videos and finally found one that made sense to me and that I could easily reproduce. Now, I am not going to tell you which one I finally had success with because it may not be the best one for you. What I will recommend is that you watch several different videos and determine what works best for you.

Now that I knew how to make the magic circle, it was time to compare it side by side with the chain two method. So, here are my samples with 8 sc as the first row. I know which one I like the looks of best but what do you think? Let’s just say, I will hate to give up the chain 2 method. It has served me well and is a quick and easy start.


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