It Does the Heart Good

I gave the coco-dot jacket to the little neighbor girl and she loved it! It was way too big for her but she looked so cute in it anyway. After the fact of course, I wished I would have asked her mom for her measurements or had her try it on as I was making the jacket so I knew what size to make next, but I did not. I wanted it to be a surprise and a birthday gift and I did not want to spoil the surprise by asking for sizes. The nice thing though is that the jacket seems to be too big all the way around, not just in width or length. Hopefully, this will help as she grows into the jacket’s size. Hopefully, she will get plenty of wear from the jacket as she grows. Her mom was excited about the jacket and said not to worry about the size because she is growing like a weed and it will fit soon enough. I now know better what size to sew for her so I am excited to try some other little girl patterns I have collected over the years.


I also gave her the mixed up monkey that I crocheted awhile back. When I handed her the monkey, she completely forgot about the jacket. The monkey was a big hit with her! She immediately gave it several big hugs and would not let go of it. A couple of days later, her mom said she insists on sleeping with the monkey and will not go to bed without it.


It does my heart good to see my sewing and crocheting labors loved and enjoyed so much. It sparks my creative mind and gets me excited to sew and crochet more great things in the future.


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