Unusual Sewing Supplies

I have two sewing supplies in my sewing room that you might not have thought about using while you’re sewing. I find them both very helpful so I thought I would share them with you.


The first unusual sewing supply is scotch tape. I use it all the time when I am sewing. I use a small piece of scotch tape to hold a button in place when I am sewing it on and don’t want to take the time to get out my button foot. I use a small piece of tape on the bottom of the tab when making the husband’s shirts. The tape holds the small tab piece flat and in place and I can just sew right through the tape instead of holding the small tab with a pin and then needing to remove the pin to sew. And a small piece of tape makes a great lint brush for picking up all of those little threads and fuzzing left behind while sewing. I also fold a piece of tape over a dull sewing needle when I through it away. This way if the needle escapes from the garbage can, it is not just loose and ready to prick someone’s toes. A few small pieces of tape help hold the stabilizer in place during the hooping process for embroidering as well.



The second unusual sewing supply I want to tell you about is old soap slivers. You may find this unusual sewing supply a little gross, but it does a fabulous job for me. It is a trick I picked up from my grandmother. When a bar of soap gets so thin in the bath that it was time for a new bar, I set this small sliver on a tissue and let it dry for a couple of days. Then it makes its way into a zip lock baggie in the sewing room. The next time I need to make a mark on a piece of fabric, like a dart or a fold mark, I get out my soap sliver and use it to make the mark. It makes a nice visible line and it washes away cleanly on the fabric at the first laundering of the garment. I used my soap slivers many times during the trial and error of the slit placket to mark the line for the slit so I knew where to sew. Give it a try sometime! I think you will love it as much as I do!

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