Hey, Little Birdie, You Cool Cat!

I will say it up front. This is my least favorite amigurumi. Of all the amigurumi’s I have ever made, or at least that I have made recently, this one just does not appeal to me very much. I have placed this amigurumi on my desk by my computer to see if it will grow on me. It makes me sad to say this because as you can see this amigurumi is Woodstock and, as you know, I love all things regarding Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the Peanuts gang.


I purchased Woodstock’s pattern online. The minute I saw this pattern I knew that I had to have it, as well as the other patterns for the other Peanuts characters that were for sale with it. Included in these patterns were patterns for Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, Pig Pen, and Franklin. I was so excited at the time of purchase that I could not wait to get crocheting.


I picked Woodstock to start with, but as I started to crochet his wings and feet, I was not happy with how he was turning out. After correcting a couple of errors in the pattern’s count, which really did not make me happy since I had paid money for this pattern, I continued to crochet hoping that my feelings would change as Woodstock came together. After crocheting all the pieces and starting the sewing part of the construction, I was still displeased with the results. After tying on the hair and embroidering the face, I was very disappointed with how he turned out. I tried adding more hair, removing hair, and adding it differently but it did not help.  I tried changing his smile, making it smaller, then bigger, then smaller and so on, but nothing seemed to improve my dissatisfaction with this amigurumi. I believe that the whole pattern needs a do over. Woodstock’s head needs to be bigger, his beak longer and skinnier, his neck opening decreased by a few rows and then sewn to the head. His wings need to be a little longer, and possibly his feet made a little smaller. Since I have so many patterns that I want to crochet, I don’t know that I have the desire to start playing with changes to this pattern right now. Right at this moment, I do not to want to try this pattern again or try to make any changes to it. I am just too disappointed. Maybe some day but not today.


We were traveling when I finished the crocheting of the pieces for this Woodstock. Since I did not want to start the assembly process in the car, I started to crochet the pieces for the Snoopy pattern instead. After completing one arm and one leg and having to make 3 corrections to the pattern count, I am not sure I will finish Snoopy either at this point. I am very disappointed with Snoopy’s pattern as well. Now, I wish I had only purchased one pattern at a time from this seller. Even though I have had great success with patterns purchased online up till now, I have learned a lesson here and will be more cautious with my online purchase of patterns in the future.


6 thoughts on “Hey, Little Birdie, You Cool Cat!

  1. I’ve been looking for a woodstock pattern. Can you say where you bought this pattern so I don’t make the same mistake?

  2. Makes me want to make one! My husband LOVES snoopy! He has like 4 from his childhood around the house. Did you ever find one you liked?

    • No, not yet but so far this is the best Woodstock pattern I have found. Woodstock is much cuter paired with Snoopy from the same design so make sure and make both.

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