May Day Giveaway

Well it’s May 1st, 2012!


Happy May Day everyone!


According to tradition, I would fill a basket with flowers, place it on your front step, ring your door bell and then run and hide somewhere. I would hide within view of your front door, so I could make sure that you received your May Day basket.


This year I would like to give one dear reader a May Day basket of your very own. But I won’t be coming to your house or ringing your door bell, and I am not going to leave what is in the basket as a surprise. You will know exactly what you will be getting and when you will get it. This May Day box that you will get will contain something very dear to my heart, one Snoopy amigurumi and one Woodstock amigurumi made just for you by me.


And I would like to give these Snoopy and Woodstock amigurumi’s to anyone who would like them.


If you would like this May Day box of Peanuts amigurumi’s and perhaps a few other surprises too, please let me know why you think you should get them in a comment to this post. I will randomly choose one of the best comments I get on this post by the 15th of May and mail these two cute guys to you for FREE.


Yes I will even pay for the shipping!


How is that for the best May Day Deal EVER?!?


3 thoughts on “May Day Giveaway

  1. This is the first time I am hearing about a custom for 1st may which sounds familiar to me! we used to celebrate beginning of spring where all the children would gather with baskets of flowers and go around the village… put flowers in front of each door and wish everybody . Oh! how much we used to enjoy! every house should have some treats for us … I miss those days … as we are now so far from our native that we even don’t see that celebration here.. your post reminded me of my childhood..

  2. Pick me, pick me!!! My kids have been yelling “Snoopy, Snoopy” the whole time I was reading your post and now that they can’t see him they are yelling, “more, more!!”

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