Little Girl’s Corduroy Jumper with Embroidered Pockets

I used Simplicity Pattern Number 7056 to make these little girl’s corduroy jumpers. As I had stated in a previous post, I purchased this pattern many years ago, so I would bet it is out of print by now. I picked the sizes that I was going to make based on the amount of fabric I had left of each piece of corduroy. So I ended up tracing a size 3 for the red corduroy and a size 4 for the purple corduroy from the pattern and I was on my way.

When I cut out the dress from the red corduroy, I found a flaw in the fabric so I did not have enough fabric for the facings of the jumper. Because of that I decided to use the same black fabric from the lining of the pockets to do the facings. Because this was a thinner, lighter weight fabric than the corduroy, I decided to use  interfacing on the facings of the red jumper. I did not interface the corduroy facings of the purple jumper.


With both dresses cut out and the pockets all made up, the first step was to sew the pockets to the front of the dresses. Since I was putting two pockets on each jumper rather than just one as the original pattern called for, I was now the designer and could put them where I wanted. Not being very original, I just placed the red Mickey and Minnie pockets side by side. This looked cute to me since they were facing each other so I went ahead and stitched them down.


The purple pockets on the other jumper took some more thought though. I tried to place the Bambi and Flower pockets side by side like I did the pockets on the red jumper but it was not as cute. Why were they not as cute I asked myself? Well it was because I had made the purple pockets first, so they suffered from the designs not being quite centered and the pocket’s curves not being quite even, since I was still experimenting with making lined pockets. So, sitting there side by side, the flaws of the pockets stood out like a sore thumb. So just as I decided to make the pockets again, the husband walked by and pushed one pocket up. There, that solved the problem! With the pockets not sitting next to each other, you did not notice the slight flaws in two pockets. Thanks to the husband the day was saved again.


Not willing to use fusible interfacing on the red jumper and ruin what was turning out to be an adorable outfit, I used sew in interfacing. To help make it easier to sew in the interfacing, I used some spray on adhesive on the interfacing first before sewing. This made it like fusible interfacing and held it in place as I sewed. Using sewn interfacing with a little bit of spray on adhesive worked out so well, I plan to use the technique on other future projects.


From there the jumpers sewed up quickly and easily. I had to remember how to use the “clip the curves” technique to aid in turning the facings, and clip an inward curve and “v” an outward curve. It was a lot of fun to see the jumpers come together. I had a great time picking out special buttons for each jumper as well. I am so excited about the finished jumpers, that I can’t wait to sew more of them. I know I have some nice soft tan corduroy in the stash and I want to make a jumper from denim too. Now my creative eye is on overload!


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