I Hope I Did Not Offend You

I decided that I wanted to make an amigurumi for a friend of mine. But I just could not pick what design I wanted to make her. I have so many fun ones it is starting to get hard for me to decide. I searched my personal patterns and I searched online patterns, but I just could not decide. I finally ran across this hippo pattern in Vanna’s Choice Easy Crochet Critters. It was perfect! The hippo was so cute and just the right size for what I wanted to make for her. But, how could I make my friend a hippo? Would she be offended? Would she understand that I was not implying anything?

I started the search again for another amigurumi that I could make my friend instead, but I kept returning the the hippo pattern. I finally decided to stop looking and just make the hippo for her. When I finished the hippo, I could not decide  if I would actually give it to her or not.




The crocheting of the amigurumi hippo went quickly. The hippo was very fun and easy to make and  it turned out really cute. Even the sewing on of the legs went quickly, especially with the use of my new pin technique that I devised on one of my earlier amigurumi projects to hold the legs in place. Because it turned out so cute, I decided to take my chances and give the hippo to my friend.



Upon receiving the hippo, my friend could not see what all my fuss was about. All she saw was a cute little hippo, made by her friend, and that made her smile. I was very relieved and happy that she liked the amigurumi that I made for her. Now there is this cute new amigurumi monkey pattern I have just found. Do you think she would like a monkey next to sit next to her hippo?


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