Deep In The Back, Under Several Boxes…

While digging through the stash, looking for corduroy and fabric for pockets, I ran across two sleepers that were already cut out and ready to sew. Really?!? After some thought, I remembered the sleepers. I remembered cutting them out and I remember putting them in a box in the stash and then I remembered why they did not just get sewn up.


The first sleeper was made from a very stretchy blue fabric. I cut two sleepers out of this fabric over 5 years ago just before one of my nephews was born. This was back when I thought you saved time by cutting and sewing two sleepers at once. I had started the construction of one of these sleepers before it was shoved in a box and put in the closet. In fact, I even had the embroidery done on the front of it. The reason this sleeper was hidden in the stash was because the fabric was so stretchy, it was difficult to sew. I remembered that as I was sewing the first sleeper for the nephew, it was a battle to get the feed dogs to move the fabric through the sewing machine properly. I finally had to put the walking foot on to complete the nephew’s sleeper. After his sleeper was done, I just did not have it in me to finish the second sleeper, so it was tucked away into the stash. Difficult to sew or not, it was time for this partially made sleeper to leave its box and have it’s construction finished.


The second cut out sleeper has been resting in the stash for more than 20 years. It was cut from one of the first pieces of fabric I had ever purchased. If I had sewn it up at the time, it would have been the 3rd sleeper I had ever made. When I purchased the fabric, it was the cutest baby fabric I had ever seen. I cut out the sleeper but then wanted to save it for someone special. I folded all the cut out pieces, the scraps, and a zipper I had picked out into a nice little pile and poked it into a box and there it had set until now. I smiled when I saw this sleeper and quickly decided that even if I wanted to save it for someone special, it still needed to be sewn up. So I got started on it. As I sewed, I quickly noticed the uneven cutting of the fabric by a very beginner seamstress. I had not known things back then like to place the cute character on the fabric on the critical points of a sleeper like the front chest. Things that I had fixed or modified over the years in the sleeper pattern were not there in this sleeper version. I laughed at the zipper I had picked out for this sleeper all that time ago too. The zipper was about 5 inches shorter than I like to use now and metal. I would not use a metal zipper in a baby sleeper today, but I guess I would have back then.


These two sleepers are now both finished and out of the stash. They are now ready to be worn by cute little babies and with some tweaks here and there, I think they turned out great.


One thought on “Deep In The Back, Under Several Boxes…

  1. I wish my kids would listen to me and stop growing, then maybe they would still fit into the sleepers. l almost cried the day I had to pack the last one away. What great memories! both tuned out cute! They will make someone very happy!

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