And They Call It Puppy Love

When I received one of my issues of Crochet Today magazine, the first advertisement for Red Heart Yarn caught my eye right away. They were advertising their free Valentine’s day patterns, one of which was the cutest pair of puppies. I fell in love with the puppies  at first sight and knew immediately that this cute little puppy would move right up towards the top of my  amigurumi project list.


After visiting Red Heart Yarn’s web site and printing out the pattern, I found a couple of techniques used in this pattern that I had not tried before, so I was even more excited to make this puppy. The first thing that was different from other amigurumi’s that I have made is that the arms and legs are crocheted into the body instead of being stitched on after the body is crocheted, stuffed and stitched to the head. Since you know how much I like to sew the pieces of an amigurumi together, I was quite excited for this to work and save me the sewing hassle. I followed the instructions exactly on this puppy only to discover that I would change it a little the next time I crochet the limbs into an amigurumi. The pattern called for 4 sc to attach the arms and legs to the body. I did the 4 sc but next time I would do 6 sc. I think it would give it a cleaner look, a more complete attachment. I learned that this is a quick and easy way to attach the limbs of an amigurumi but only if you want the amigurumi to always be sitting.


There were two changes in the way this puppy was stuffed that are different from other amigurumi’s I have made. First, the pattern called for some kind of weight in the bottom of the body to counter balance the weight of the head. I have heard of using something weighted inside amigurumi’s to get them to sit, but I have never tried adding any weight to any that I have made. I’m not really sure what to use as a weight, I followed the suggestion of a commenter and used pony beads, 30 of them to be exact. Now that the puppy is done, I think a little more weight or a heavier weight might have been better, but I really couldn’t say until I try out different or heavier weights. Next, the pattern said not to stuff the neck so that the after the head was attached the neck would fall and you could see the details of the face better. I have always stuffed my amigurumi pieces to the max and then a little more as I am stitching them together. So, it was a little strange to leave the neck unstuffed for me. But now that the head is attached and I see what the author of the pattern was after, I like the end results and the unstuffed head seems to hold the head up just right.


The last detail of this puppy is his heart shaped eye patch and nose. I have never crocheted a heart shape before and it took a couple of tries to get something that was heart shaped rather than a triangle but I think I did ok on it. I had to be really careful when I sewed the hearts on the head to keep what shape these hearts had and not pull them back into a triangle shape.

Pleased with the end results of this little puppy, I think he turned out very cute, I can see more puppies made in a variety of colors especially green and blue. Now, I have to decide if I want to make more puppies or more of the other patterns I saw on the Red Heart Yarn’s web site. Decisions, Decisions.

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