I Didn’t, But I Did

Yes, you guessed it, I bought more fabric. Sigh.


We found ourselves in southern California awhile back, and we were just two blocks from my favorite fabric store, M&L Fabric. And as the husband turned the corner to drive the two blocks to M&L, I told him I did not want to go. He about wrecked the car as he went into coronary arrest. I told him that the stash was already too big and it was becoming overwhelming to deal with, and it did not need anymore added to it. And that if we went to M&L, I would see a piece of fabric that I just could not live without. And then I would have to buy the fabric and that would make me feel guilty. And if I did not buy the fabric then I would wish I had, then I would be all stressed out, and, ultimately, it was not worth the stress. If I just don’t go and look then I don’t have to know what I missed and end up being stressed out over it. It was a good plan I thought, and I was feeling pretty proud of my decision. So the husband turned the car the other way and we went and had a nice lunch instead.  Even though I had a twinge of regret the next day as we left California, I was still ok with my decision.



When we got home we went to Walmart for a few things we needed. While the husband was in the electronics department, I slipped over to the fabric department to have a look. It has been a long time since my Walmart has had any fabric that interested me. After the remodel of our Walmart, the fabric department has slipped in quality and quantity. The prices all seem to be higher and they are no longer carrying the variety of fabrics that they used too. This time though, there was a rack in front of the fabric department filled with a variety of fabric at great prices. Since I did not expect to find anything, I had left the cart with the husband so I started to carry around bolts of fabric as I checked out the rack of fabric. When the husband found me and saw the arms full of fabric, he just rolled his eyes and headed for the cutting table. I did limit myself though to a couple of pieces of flannel for blankets, some cotton pieces to make me shirts and two pieces of printed corduroy to make more of the jumpers that I just made. I was very excited about my purchases.


Looking back, I see that I had made the correct decision at the time. By not going to M&L Fabric, I felt no guilt in making my purchases at Walmart and I got some great new fabric at a great price!


Things seem to always work out in the end I guess.

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