Purple Snoopy (But Not Grape Flavored)

For the white and purple floral knit fabric that was next in line to be sewn up, I decided on the Sew Easy 118 pattern that I had found hiding in the closet. It is an older pattern that I purchased at a thrift store many years ago. The pattern says it is for a child’s golf shirt, a tab front shirt. The pattern uses the cut tab method, like I used to make for the husband’s shirts, instead of the slit cut method of my newer tab front patterns.


After figuring out the embroidery issues with the white and purple floral knit, it was time to start the construction of the shirt using this pattern. The previous owner of this pattern had already traced this pattern in size 6, the smallest size for this pattern, so I decided to just make this size and save the tracing time. As I cut the fabric, I started to wish I had spent the time to trace the pattern myself. The previous tracer of this pattern did not care to trace any of the markings. Although this is something I would have done myself in my earlier years of sewing, I have learned over the years that marking grain line, some notches, and other details make the sewing process much easier later on. Now, don’t think that I trace every little notch and mark, but it is just that some of them are now important to me as I sew.


Because of this being an older style pattern, I did shorten the tab by 1.5 inches from what the pattern showed. I measured the slit tab patterns that I made last and made this cut tab the same length. I also noticed that because this is an older pattern that the sleeves are set in more, on the shoulder, not off the shoulder like newer patterns. This did not cause any problems in the construction, just a different look from the sleeves in the slit tab pattern. This also made the shirt look smaller than normal.


I decided to have a little fun with the collars on these. So, rather than make a collar from the pattern, I used a purchased collar from the stash on one of the shirts and ribbing on the other shirt. It was fun to change the pattern and make it unique, but I will say I missed the collar on the ribbing shirt. A few sewing sins are hid under the collar but with the ribbing, I had no place to hid these sins so I had be extra careful when I stitched the ribbing on that I sewed straight and ended the seams cleanly.


The embroidering of the Snoopy’s on the shirts was fun with the puffy foam. I did not know how using purple instead of black to outline Snoopy would look but I like the results a lot. I wouldn’t hesitate in using another color besides black again to outline a design in the future if the fabric and design called for it.


The double needle hems gave me a bit of trouble on these and I’m still not sure why, but the end results turned out nicely. With the shirts finished, they look small to me, like a size 4 instead of a size 6. But, as I said I am excited to have a little girl wear these shirts, not only to see how the embroidery design wears but also to see how the shirt fits so I can make more. I believe this pattern will become one of my regulars that I use often.


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