The Magazine Puppy

If you need to waste some time, I highly recommend perusing the web site Ravelry, but be careful. After seeing so many cute crocheted amigurumi’s, you can go into overload and may find that you have to purchase some of the patterns or even worse, a magazine subscription or a book of patterns. That is exactly what happened to me when I saw the cutest multicolor puppy made and posted by one of the crafters on Raverly. When I clicked on the pattern link, I found that the pattern for this puppy came from the magazine Crochet World and after a visit to their web site, I am now a digital subscriber to this magazine. The exciting part about my subscription is that not only does it give me a years worth of the upcoming magazines, and it allowed me to down load the last two years worth of back issues of the magazine. So, even though the puppy pattern was in a back issue, I was still able to get the pattern by subscribing to it.


I was very excited to make this puppy, but I had decided right away that rather than crocheting the puppy in multiple colors, I wanted to crochet my puppy in shades of brown. So, I started this adventure with a trip to the yarn stash, where I pulled out all the different shades of brown I had including several variegated skeins. Next came the difficult part, to decide which color I wanted to go where in the pattern. After deciding, I made a color chart by taping snips of yarn to a piece of paper labeled with each part so I would remember what I had decided. Even with the color chart next to me as I crocheted the pieces of this puppy, some of the colors changed as I stitched.


The pattern was easy to follow and the pieces of the puppy crocheted up nicely. When it was time to stitch the pieces together, I about gave up and threw the puppy away. After sewing the muzzle to the head and the head to the body, I saw that I had made a brown duck. I was so disappointed. It looked so much like a duck to me that I wanted to name the puppy Fred the Duck. I decided to press on and sew the legs on next. Even after sewing on all four legs, it still looked like a duck to me, just a four legged duck. So, to put my mind at ease, I told myself I was making a bird dog but that really did not help much. Since I was so close to finishing it, I decided to go ahead and complete this puppy/duck. But, once I sewed the tail and ears on the puppy, the duck faded away and it became a puppy. If I look at it just right, I can still see the duck in him, but since he is done and is such a cute looking puppy, I will do my best to not see the duck in him.


This puppy has already found a home and I hope is being loved as we speak. I would like to make this pattern again sometime. But for the next one I am thinking about crocheting it all in one main color with a second accent color, or maybe in a variegated brown color. What do you think? Would that look good with this pattern?


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