My, How Times Have Changed

So it was my day off from having to go to work. And I am sitting in front of my sewing machine, just sewing away. I am still dressed only in my bathrobe and I still have bed head hair. There is fur growing on my still unbrushed teeth.

Dirty dishes from last night’s dinner are still stacked in the sink. The first batch of laundry is going in the washer, but laundry is a long, long way off from being completed and put away. Last weeks ironing is waiting patiently for me, and the dust bunnies in the corner are laughing at me as I stitch along. Just then the husband enters the sewing room and hands me this picture.

.My, how times have changed. I got a good hearty laugh from the picture and then promptly continued to ignore everything else around me as I returned to my sewing. How times have changed.

2 thoughts on “My, How Times Have Changed

  1. That’s awesome! What a stellar hubs! Just wondering I am looking for some cotton knit snoopy fabrics. Any advice where to get some without breaking the bank?

    • I have some Peanuts knit fabric in my stash that I purchased many years ago. But I have not seen any for sale anywhere for many years now. Today all I see for sale is woven cottons and flannels. That is why I still have my knit pieces in my stash unused. I just know once I use them, they will be gone forever.

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