Daddy and Son

Because my crochet bag was still filled with shades of brown from the previous patchwork puppy and turtles, I decided to make more puppies. The first puppy pattern that came to mind was the first amigurumi that I had ever made, a yellow puppy from a pattern from Ana Paula Rimoli’s book Amigurumi World.

I have learned much about the construction of amigurumi’s since I had made the yellow dog. When I made the yellow dog, I didn’t pay much attention to the stitch count. If one row had an extra stitch, I just did not increase as many on the next row, or I decreased an extra stitch on the next row, whichever it needed. I didn’t worry about keeping my tension even and I had never stuffed anything before. When I stuffed yellow dog, I poked some stuffing into the crocheted parts and called it done. I did not fuss over the stuffing to make sure it was smooth, or even, or packed as I do today. Even with all these things done wrong though, the yellow dog came out so cute that my amigurumi career was off and running.

Now was my chance to try the yellow dog’s pattern again with all I had learned, so I did. Because of now having more experience crocheting amigurmi’s, this pattern worked up easily and smoothly. The end results are so cute. The new daddy puppy turned out just adorable.

Being in the car again at the completion of the daddy puppy, I decided to make the baby puppy on the next page too . As with the baby turtle, the pattern was easy to follow but not as much fun to crochet because of the smaller parts. The results, although cute, just lacked the details of the larger daddy puppy, so baby puppy is just not as cute. The daddy’s eye spot is shaped, where the baby’s eye spot is just round. The daddy has a different color paw, where on the baby the the whole leg is a different color and it did not turn out as cute as just the paw being a different color.

Side by side the daddy and baby puppy are adorable and turned out great. But, as with the baby turtle, I like the daddy pattern better and would happily make it again, but I would probably pass on making the baby puppy again. Instead I would spend my time on the larger pattern.


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