See & Sew 5306

Since I have been enjoying the sewing of kids clothes recently, I decided to continue on and try another pattern that’s been hanging out in the closet for many years, See & Sew 5306. What makes this pattern different than other little kid’s outfits is that the sleeve and bodice of the shirt are all one piece. So, there are only four pieces to the shirt, two fronts, a back and a collar.

The fit of the shirt was a concern to me as I started this pattern. With the sleeves attached to the bodice, the sleeves are wider and the armscye is lower than on a pattern where they are not attached. So, I decided to make some pajamas using this pattern. Pajamas need to be roomy so the wider sleeves and lower armscye would work out well for them. I picked some of the flannel I had just purchased rather than digging through the stash to find fabric to make the pajamas from. Because I was making pajamas I decided to not to add the pockets to the shorts or to the shirt.

As I cut out the pattern, I noticed right away that the shirt pattern required more fabric than other shirt patterns I have made because of the attached sleeves. This also made more non-usable scraps than usual. To me, this is a disadvantage to using this pattern. It would make me choose another pattern over this one in most cases since I am usually frugal with my fabric if I can be.

Sewing the pajamas together went easily and quickly. The elastic waistband on the shorts was done with two pieces of 3/8 inch elastic rather than a larger single piece. I really like the results of the two pieces of elastic.

I gave the pajamas to the little neighbor girl. When she tried them on, she did not object to the wider sleeves or the lower armscye and they seemed to fit her well. I had her hold her arm out and the fit still seemed to be good.


Encouraged by the fit of the pajamas, I decided to try the pattern again using some cotton from the stash. Since this was going to be an outfit for a child, I decided to add the pockets this time around. Once again, it took extra fabric and there were lots of scraps, but this time I could use some of the scraps for the pockets.

Because the fabric I picked had a texture to it, I used a softer white cotton for the shorts pockets. It took a bit of thought to sew the pockets into the shorts. I read the pattern guide and tried to follow it but I ended up sewing the pockets closed following the directions. After a bit of unpicking, I improvised and finally got the pockets sewn in. I made two pockets for the shirt but it looked better with just one, so one is all it got. Because this fabric was more masculine, I used a 3/4 inch wide piece of elastic in the shorts rather than two 3/8 inch pieces I had used last time. It worked out fine and looks more masculine than the two pieces of elastic in the waist band of the first set.

Because summer is now over, I have not give this outfit to anyone yet, so I don’t know it the fit is as good as a the first pair of flannel pajamas I made. Next summer once I give these away to someone to wear, I will know how they fit. So even though I really enjoyed making this pattern, I have put it away until next spring.


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