The Long And The Short Of It

The word from the neighbor is that the little neighbor girl just loves her pajamas and won’t wear any other ones. I knew when I gave them to her that the summer season was ending and soon she would need warmer pajamas for the cooler nights ahead. With that in mind I decided she needed some more pajamas to wear. I knew I had some baby blue flannel back satin scraps, that my Mom had given me ages ago and were hidden in the stash, and that it would be just perfect for new pajamas.

With the fabric found in the stash, I had to decide on the design of the pajamas next. It was a quick decision. I wanted to make just a button down the front shirt and pair of long pants, a very simple but classic design. Because I was working with scraps, I did not reach for the See & Sew 5306 pattern but instead turned to my Kwik-Sew books.

I was disappointed with the pattern for the shirt that they had to offer though. The pattern was just the t-shirt cut down the center front with a little added to each side and a collar. I wanted something more with larger facings and where to place the buttons. So next I dug through my pattern box, but I came up empty handed. Did I not have a size 3 pattern for a button down the front shirt? I finally found one, but when I laid the pattern on the cutting table, it was huge! After just making the See & Sew 5306  pattern in a size 3 and having it fit the neighbor girl ok, I knew right away that this pattern was not going to fit. So I went back to the Kwik-Sew pattern and improvised the facings and buttonhole placements.

It did not take long into the sewing process to see that the shirt was coming out very short, much shorter than I would have liked it to be. I debated about adding an extra band to the bottom of the shirt or a ruffle since it was for a girl to make it slightly longer. I finally decided just to give the shirt a very tiny hem and make a note on the pattern to cut the shirt longer the next time I used it. It is not my favorite look for a hem, but it worked out ok.

I then used the Kwik-Sew pattern size 3 for the pants. I decided to use two pieces of 3/8 inch sized elastic instead of a 3/4 inch piece in the waist band like I did for her last pajamas. The two pieces of smaller elastic just adds a more feminine touch to the pants. When it came to hemming the pants, they looked so long to me that I just could not do the 1 inch hem the pattern called for. I just knew they were going to be too long if I did. So I set the pants aside until I had time to ask the neighbor to measure the length from the waist to the hem on a pair of pants that currently fit the neighbor girl.

And I am glad that I waited. Now with knowing this measurement, I cut 1 & 1/2 inches off the hem before giving the pants a healthy 1 inch hem. I made a note of this on the pattern too even though I know that every little kid is going to be a different size. But just in case I am sewing for the neighbor girl again, I know how long to make her pants for now.

Next was the embroidery. Picking a embroidery design was easy. I knew the minute I pulled the baby blue statin from the stash that I would be stitching the baby seals on these pajamas. They are so cute on the blue and look as soft and cuddly as the satin fabric is.

Now I am very excited to give these pajamas to the little neighbor girl. I believe I have the fit very close to her size and she should be able to wear them right away.

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