Smaller? Yes! Easier? No!

I found it. When I made the purple Snoopy shirts from the pattern Sew Easy 118, I had bemoaned the fact that the smallest size in the pattern was a size 6. As you might know, I prefer to sew tab front shirts with a cut tab rather than a slit tab, so at the time I was wishing that pattern 118 also had smaller sizes. While digging in the pattern box for another pattern, I found the pattern Sew Easy 117, a cut tab front shirt in sizes 1 to 4. Obviously, I don’t remember buying this pattern or where it came from. But I am sure it came from the same thrift store as the pattern 118, and I probably got it at the same time), but somehow it had gotten separated from my other kid’s patterns and I was thrilled to find it again. I knew my next projects would be to make a kid’s shirts from this pattern.


Setting on top of one of the piles in the stash was this red with stripes single knit fabric. I had pulled it out to make a sleeper from it but since it was just a scrap piece, there was not enough for a sleeper. It was though big enough for this pattern, size 1. I traced the size 1 pieces and quickly cut the pattern out. Once again, because the pattern was an older style, I shorten the tab, not by too much because I didn’t want to shorten it so much that the shirt would go over the kid’s head.


Confident that I could easily sew up this tiny shirt in minutes, because I have sewn so many cut tab fronts on the husband’s shirt over the years, I started to sew. I was rudely awaken to the fact that the tiny cut tab front was not so easily stitched as he husband’s larger tabs. I learned very quickly to reduce the number of stitches per inch on the sewing machine as I unpicked and rest stitched the tab. The preset stitch length that I normally have my machine set on was to large to get nice even corners for the small tab. I also learned to cut the tab much more carefully. I learned that a larger tab,bigger shirt, is much more forgiving of sloppy sewing. So, my quick sew of this small shirt took a lot more time than expected but was definitely a learning experience.


The embroidering on this small shirt was also not as fun as on a larger shirt. Most of my designs are approximately 4 by 4 inches. Although I could have squeezed a design that large on the front of this shirt,it would have laid from the tab to the armpit. Not really the look I wanted. So I had to pick a smaller design and even at that I had to pick one the was larger vertically than horizontally. Because I made this shirt with no design in mind to stitch on it, I was not disappointed when I finally picked Mickey Mouse as the finally design for this shirt. In fact, I love the Mickey on the shirt. The colors and Mickey mix well, and of course Mickey Mouse is always so cute.


In the end, even though this did not turn out to be a quick easy sew, I am still thrilled to have this pattern, a cut tab front shirt in smaller sizes. I am planning to take the things I learn from makings this little shirt and make more.


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