Dropping the older style

Since I was not wanting to forget the very important thing that I had learned from the size 1 cut tab front shirt that I had recently made, I decided that I should make some more shirts from this pattern to enforce the learned lesson in my brain so I wouldn’t forget it.

So I grabbed another piece of knit scrap from the stash and I got started. This time though, the scrap had actual yardage to it, at just over a yard, and it spoke to me right away as to what embroidery design I should stitch on it.

Because the design I wanted on this shirt is larger than the Mickey Mouse design of the size 1 shirt and I had enough of the fabric, I decided to make a size 3 this time.

As I traced and cut the pattern out, I looked again at the older style of this pattern and the differences from more modern patterns of today. The shoulder seam was actually fitting the shoulder instead of being dropped, and the length of the tab. And with that I had a great idea! I decided to get out my toddler 

Sew Kwik pattern book, trace and cut the kids size 3 t-shirt from it but use the cut tab front from the pattern Sew Easy 117 instead of the Sew Kwik one. I would still have a cut tab front shirt but with more room between the tab and the armpit for the embroidery designs. And since I had enough of the fabric, I decided to make both shirt styles, one with the older non dropped sleeve and one with the newer dropped sleeve. I cut the tab shorter than called for on both shirts because as far as I can tell, the long tab is definitely out of style

The cut tab was much easier to sew this time around bacause of the lessons I had previously learned, and the larger size of the shirt. The embroidering of the designs worked up well and the end results are great. Although I did have I moment of trepidation about the stripes on the sleeves matching the shirt. But as far as I can tell, they can not match and aren’t suppose to match with a set in sleeve. Only on a raglan sleeve pattern can you match the stripes properly. Is this true? Does anyone know any way to do it? On these shirts at least, the stripes are where they are, and be it right or wrong, that is that.



So, here are the two shirts, one from the older pattern Sew Easy 117 and one from the Sew Kwik pattern book with the cut tab front added to it. Can you tell which one is which? They are very close in size. The Sew Kwik shirt has a little more room in the width of the shirt but that is about the only difference I could see. I really doubt that the wear of the two will be much different to the wearer. With this I have concluded that I can use either pattern with my added changes. Because my Sew Easy 117 pattern is missing the size 4 part and I do not have a size 5 between the two patterns, I will continue to use the Sew Kwik pattern and add the cut tab if I need to make shirts in those sizes. Other than that I will use which ever pattern that I have handy at the time.

5 thoughts on “Dropping the older style

  1. Yes, you can match the stripes on a sleeve if you want to go to the trouble. Match the bottom of the sleeve (where it gets sewn into the shirt) to the bottom of the arm hole on the shirt front/back. I used to put a stripe right at the armhole so it would be easy to match. The stripes don’t match at the top of the sleeve and the shirt, but they match at the bottom as well as down the body if it is a long sleeved shirt. It’s a little bit of overkill since I’ve never seen a manufactured shirt have the stripes match.

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